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Date: 11/17/96; 4:27:07 AM
From: (Skippy)
Subject: I Meant To Do That -- Paul Brandt

I Meant To Do That -- Paul Brandt
Transcribed By: Skip (Damn Skippy)

Intro  G D C D

      D           G                 D
      A rose in a box wrapped up in dreams
                    Em                        D
      A card that explains how much your love means
                  G                    D
      A table for two with soft candle light
                       Em                   D
      The words I love you somewhere in the night

      D             G                      D
      I meant to do that, does that mean a thing
                    C                      D
      If you wanted songs, then I meant to sing
                       G                         D
      I'd give you the world, if you'd give mine back
                    C   D C           G
      What I didn't do, I meant to do that

      D           G                 D
      Late in the night, nothing to say
              Em           D
      Maybe a call to talk anyway
                  G                   D
      A letter or two some words that rhyme
                     Em                   D
      To promise you love for now and all time

      Bm             C             G                D
      Hold on to the love you gave until the end of time
      Bm                C        G                  D
      And love you more everyday until you know that...
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