Paul Freeman – Tightrope chords

[Verse 1]

A#I don't wanna wait too long
gmAnd I don't wanna break it down
FThe stars are sinking just like stones
A#It's hard for me to breathe
gmMy mind is missing pieces of you
FThe fear and the pain have gone
D# A#So I'll keep holding, holding
A# FNow I'm higher to fall than I've ever been
gm FI was walking a tightrope can't you see
A# FBut nobody wants to be alone
gmI'll be walking a tightrope
D# A# cmSo can you catch me if I let go
[Verse 2] As far as I can see The world is turning out of time Your gravity will pull me close And that's all I'll ever need My mind is missing pieces of you If only our skin and bones Just keep holding on( [Repeat chorus]
dm D#There's no way back if I let go
FNo there aren't
A#So don't let go
D#Cause it's hard enough to live
A#And I just wanna feel it
fm gm
F A#And I just wanna feel it
[Repeat chorus] Any correction would be appreciated
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