Someone New chords with lyrics by Paul Kelly - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Paul Kelly – Someone New chords

Artist: Paul Kelly
Song:   Someone New [Live]
Album:  Spring And Fall (2013)
Event:  Adam Hills Tonight, Series 3, Ep. 9.(ABC TV)
Tuning: Standard
Tempo:  4/4
Style:  Moderato

Capo 4

G:      320003
Am:     X02210
F:      133211
C:      032013

|G Am F C |

Am C F AmI just want to sleep with someone new,
C GSomeone I've never met.
Am C F AmKnowing it's a foolish thing to do,
F Am C GAnd sure to cause regret.
G Am F CThere is no reason to do our love wrong,
Am C G CWhen we're together it's sweet and strong,
Am GIt's where I belong.
Am C F AmI just want to sleep with someone new,
C GWho doesn't know my name,
Am C F AmWho comes and takes my hand out of the blue,
F Am C GJust like in a dream.
G Am F CPass any doorway, ride any train.
Am C F AmWalk into any room and beauty stakes its claim,
F C GDrives it home again and again.
Am C F AmOh, I just want to sleep with someone new.
INSTRUMENTAL: |Am C F Am |F Am C G | |G Am F C |Am C F Am | VERSE 3:
Am C F AmI just want to sleep with someone else,
F Am C GTouch some different skin.
Am C F AmTo do or not to do is both ways false,
F Am C GBut one's a greater sin.
G Am F CI'm not about to tear this house down,
Am C F AmAnd I couldn't stand to sneak around,
F Am C GAnd lose this love I've found.
Am C F AmSo daily I will make her someone new --(Cesura)
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