Paul Overstreet – He Is Risen chords

Verse 1
CSomeone rolled the stone away was it a thief
F G CNo it was an Angel
Mary says he lives again do you believe
F G CYes he is my Savior
G CThomas was a doubter until he saw for himself
F C GJesus even let him touch the spear wound in his side.
C F C GHe is risen, he is risen, yes my Lord he is risen today
C F C G FThere are linens with bloodstains but that is all that remains
C G CThere’s nobody left in that grave.
Verse 2
CTear this Temple down he said and in three days
F G CI, I will rebuild it
C Jesus had to die before we all could be saved
F G CThat is how God willed it
G CThose who had him crucified thought he had seen his end
F C GThey did not know the cross would be his victory.
Chorus Chorus
C G CNo, there’s nobody left in that grave.
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