Paul Revere And The Raiders – Sometimes tab

Paul Revere & Raiders - Sometimes

Tabbed by: Nate Adams at UIUC

I couldn't find this tab anywhere, so I spent an hour and a half tabbing this out by ear.
It's about 90-95% accurate, I think.

Ab                       C#       Eb
Sometimes I cry when I'm lonely

Ab                       C#       Eb
Sometimes I cry when I'm blue

Ab                            C#        Eb
Right now I'm cryin' 'cause I love you

Ab                     C#    Eb     Ab   Ab7
I'm cryin' 'cause you don't love me too

C#         Eb                  Ab   Ab7
Come on & tell me that you love me

C#                Eb           Ab  Ab7
Won't you please answer yes or no

C#         Eb              Ab   F
Tell me if I'm your one & only

   Bb                        Eb
So I can either stay or go, wo oh

Ab                          C#      Eb
Tell me, my darlin', if you love me

    Ab                      C#     Eb
Now tell me if you feel the same

Ab                           C#      Eb
Tell me, my darlin', if you love me

      Ab              C#        Eb       Ab
Or if all the tears I shed were shed in vain

Oh tell me now

guitar solo: Ab minor pentatonic [up one octave, of course]

hold bend keep holding 19b21 until br-----------------------21----------------------------|--16-19b21h21h21h21h21----21h21h21h21h21h21br19------|------------------------------------------------18---|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|
small bend-------------19-16----16-----------------------------|----------16-------19------19-19-19-19-16------------|----16-18---------------------------------18b--------|-18--------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|
alternate/strum between the 18b20 bend and holding down the two 16s with your index finger ^----------16---------------------------------------|----------16---------------------------------------|----16-18-18b20--x5?----18-16-------------------16-|-16---------------------------18-------------16----|---------------------------------------18-18-------|---------------------------------------------------|
(repeat verse 1) (repeat & fade): Ab C# Eb Ab I'm cryin' 'cause you don't love me too
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