Paul Weller – As You Lean Into The Light tab

Artist:  Paul Weller
Song:    As You Lean Into The Light
Tunning: standard

 This is the intro 

Fadd7 D Dsus2 Dsus E |--------0--0--0--0-0-0-|--2--2--3p2-------0---|B |--------6--6--6--6-6-6-|--3--3------3-----3---|G |--------5--5--5--5-5-5-|--2--2--------2---2---|D |--------0-----0------0-|----------------------|A |-5p3-0-----------------|----------------------|E |-----------------------|----------------------|
Now this is the verse riff for all the verses
Fadd7 D Dsus2 Dsus E |--------0--0--0--0-0-0-|--2--2--3p2--------------|B |--------6--6--6--6-6-6-|--3--3------3--6-3-1-1/3-|G |--------5--5--5--5-5-5-|--2--2---------5-2-0-0/2-|D |--------0-----0------0-|-------------------------| A |-----------------------|-------------------------| E |-----------------------|-------------------------|
This is what he plays during the bridge type part
E |----------0---------0--|-2--2--3p2------------|B |--------6---6------6-6-|-3--3------3---3------|G |------5-------5---5----|-2--2--------2--------|D |----------------0------|----------------------|A |-----------------------|----------------------|E |-----------------------|----------------------|
Finally at the end of the bridge he plays this
E |--0----------0---------|B |--6--6/10----10--------|G |--5--5/9-----9---------|D |-----------------------|A |-----------------------|E |-----------------------|
you should be able to piece that together. Lyrics ------- Gentle rain Here it comes again Rattling round your window, threatening pain Coming on like a friend, but you know better than Yesterday that held you by a different hand Hail and stone And all thats gone When everything that passes , cuts to the bone Turning like a wheel dragging a heavy stone A weight that ties you down that you will never own Solo Strange to see, a paper smile on thee When once you moved and lit the room For us all to be Now if I could be the sun I'd shine in your life If I could be the rain, I'd rain from your eyes And I'd wash away the emptiness you feel inside Solo ----- Now, last but not least, the solo. For backing chords muck around with verse chords.
play quickly(pre-bend the 8 and bend 10 down to the 8)E |-----------------------|----------------------|-----------------------|B |-10b8-6-8--------------|----------------------|---------------6-6-----|G |---------7--------5-5--|----------------------|----5-5-7--7-7-----7-7-|D |---------------/7------|--7p53-0-3-5B-3-0-3---|5/7--------------------|A |-----------------------|----------------------|-----------------------|E |-----------------------|----------------------|-----------------------|
On the 5B play exagerated vibrato!
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