Paul Westerberg – Dyslexic Heart chords

Left handed
Dyslexic Heart
   By Paul Westerberg

This song is off the Singles soundtrack.  The chord are simple; some 
would say the song is simplistic, but that doesn't change the fact 
that it is an enjoyable tune.  Here are what I think are the chords.

Basic Pattern of verses: F/C/F/C|F/C/G |F/C/F/C|D G | -- Listen to the song to understand what I mean. This is played
during the verses and between sections, generally. The F---C means go right into the basic pattern. Begins: Basic Pattern X 4, along with the "na na na's"
F C F CYou're shooting glances and they're so hard to read
F C GI misconstrue what you mean
F C F CSlip me a napkin, and now that's a start
D G Is this your name or a doctor's eye chart?
F G A F---CI try to comprehend you but I got a dyslexic heart.
F G A F---CI ain't dying to offend you but I got a dyslexic heart.
(Second Verse)--chords same as first Thanks for the book, now my table is steady It's a library or a bar Between the covers I judge you as ready Half-angel, half-tart(?) (chorus)
F C F CDo I read you correctly? You need me directly
D GHelp me with this part
F G A F---CDo I date you do I hate you do I got a dyslexic heart?
G FYou keep swayin' What are you sayin'?
G A FThink about stayin' Are you just playin', making passes
E GWell my heart could use some glasses....
F GAre you stayin'? What are you savin'?
F A FOr are you swayin'? Just playing, making passes
E GWell my heart could use some glasses...
(Chorus)--same chords, these words I try to comprehend you but I got a dyslexic heart Do I read you correctly? I need you directly. Help me with this part. Do I love you do I hate you--I got a dyslexic heart --The song fades away with the basic pattern & lots of na na na's
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