Paul Williams And Jimmy Martin – Prayer Bells Of Heaven chords

Prayer Bells of Heaven

Verse 1
C While we are living in this world of care
D7 G7 Many the burdens that we have to bear
CBut there's a prayer bell at the Lord's right hand
G7 CGive it a ring and He will understand
CPrayer bells of heaven oh how sweetly they ring
D7 G7 Bearing their message unto Jesus our king
CWhen you are burdened down with sorrows and care
G7 C Ring on and on for God will answer your prayer
Verse 2
CThree Hebrew children to the flames were thrown
D7 G7 Because a worldly king they would not own
CJesus delivered and the king then saw
G7 CPrayer bells of heaven beat a man made law
Verse 3
CWhen Paul and Silas were thrown into jail
D7 G7 They didn't worry who would go their bail
CBut on the prayer bells they began to ring
G7 COff fell the stocks and they began to sing
Verse 4
CInto the garden Jesus went to pray
D7 G7 Until His sweat became as blood they say
CRinging the prayer bells there in agony
G7 CBringing salvation that we might be free
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