Paul Williams - Old Souls tab version 1

{t:Old Souls}
{st:Paul Williams}

[Em]Our love,  is an [C]old love baby
It's [Em]older than all our [C]years
I've seen in [Am]fresh young eyes, familiar [Bm]tears

We're [Em]old souls, in a [C]new life baby
They gave us a [Em]new life, to live and [C]learn
A chance to touch [Am]old friends, and still re[Bm]turn

[Em]Our paths have crossed and parted
[C]This love affair was started [Am]looong, long [Bm]ago
[Em]Our love survives the ages, [C]in its story lives are pages
[Am]Fill them up, may ours turn [Bm]slow

[Em]Our love, is a [C]strong love baby
[Em]Give it all, and still re[C]ceive
And so with [Am]empty arms we must still be[Bm]lieve

[Em]All souls last forever, [C]so we need never fear the good[C]byyyy[G#m]yyeeee
A [F]kiss and I must [C]go, no [Bb]tear, in [C]time we kiiissss [F]hello
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