Peaches – New Heights chords

Song New Heights
Band Peaches

C#m A B E |e|---4-------0-----2-----0-----------||B|---4-------0-----2-----2-----------||G|---6-------2-----4-----2-----------||D|---6-------2-----4-----1-----------||A|---5-------2-----4-----0-----------||E|---4-------0-----2-----0-----------|
Intro: C#m A B E -B Verse 1:
C#m AYou say good morning, and good evening
B E BThe day is done, and you've come to find
C#m AThe words are fleeting, I hear your quiet breathing
B E BIs something wrong?
C#m AYou come on two knees, with more than two needs
B E BFinding that it's all too easy
C#m ATo be helped and found
B pause E BYou slept and he said
A B C#m EIt is in you, to carry on
A B C#m EIt is in you, to lay down fears that hold
A B E-B-C#m-B-AIt is in you, to find your way home
Verse 2:
C#m ADaylight's coming, the sun is blazing
B E BNew beginnings seep into you
C#m ABut in the end it's distant shadows
B E BThat finally overwhelm your senses
C#m AAnd this time around
B E BIs it love that you crown?
C#m AAnd this time around
B EYou'll be more than who you are
A E BCould you find yourself a way home?
i got it from djk and i tried to fix it to make it more simple for guitarist. Im jerick C.M. I like this song from jubilee project
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