Pearl Jam – Garden tab

·Pearl Jam

···tabbed by: Federico Solla···

This is the ALMOST FULL version (except for the solo) there already is another version
of this song that is quite good, but there are some parts missing (the bringe, for
example).Then listen to the record to get the idea of the song's structure. Here´s
my version of GARDEN:

···INTRO: A2 Am A2 Am A2 Ame--2p0-0-------0------0-----|-2p0-0-------0---0-----|-2p0-0-------0-----0----|b--------0---1---1------1---|-------0---1---1---1---|-------0---1---1-----1--|g--2-------2-------2------2-|-2-------2-----------2-|-2-------2-------2-----2|D---------------------------|-----------------------|------------------------|A---------------------------|-----------------------|------------------------|E---------------------------|-----------------------|------------------------|
···1st. CHORUS: Am G F/C I will walk with my hands bound Am G F/C I will walk with my face blood Am G F/C I will walk with my shadow flag Am G F/C Into your garden, garden of stone ···BRIDGE Repeat INTRO and 1st. CHORUS, but here enters the BRIDGE, and these are the chors used. Listen to the record to get the idea for how to play them, how many times, etc.:
Am Am/G D/F# Fe|--------------------||B|-1----1-----3----1--||G|-2----2-----2----2--||D|-2----2-----0----3--||A|-0------------------||E|------3-----2----1--||
···SOLO···(improvise something in the A pentatonic) ···CHORDs USED: Am : x02210 A2 : x02200 G : 320033 or 355433 F/C : x33210 Am/G: 3x221x D/F#: 2x023x
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