Pearl Jam – Lowlight tab

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Lowlight by Pearl Jam

Transcribed by Pat Giles (

Standard tuning - low to high - EADGBE

Note: the chords in parentheses (C  B  Em) are the notes played by the
      piano and bass. If you're playing on one guitar only, though,
      do this, putting emphasis on the notes with the * beside them (the

      bass notes):

G (C B Em)E:-3---------3---3---3--------|B:-3---------3---3---3--------|G:-0---------0---0---0--------|D:-0---------2---0---0--------|A:-2---------3*--2*--0--------|E:-3-----------------0*-------|
Chords: G: (320033) C: (X32033) B: (X20033) Em:(022000) (during C-B-Em patterns, play it like this): 000033 D: (X00232) A: (X02233) (I know this isn't a real A; I'm not sure what it's called) Intro: G (C B Em) Em C G (C B Em) Clouds roll by G (C B Em) Healing is what they say G (C B Em) Or is just my way Em C G Wind blows by D C Low...light D C Side...tracked D C Low...light C B A C B D Can't see my tracks, yours sit way back G (C B Em) Can't be here all alone G (C B Em) Clear a path to my home Em C G (C B Em) Blood runs dry G (C B Em) Books and jealousy, tell me why G (C B Em) I will feel calm Em C G Voice blows by D C Low...light D C Car...crash D Em Low...light C B A C B D They wear my mask, your first, my last Bridge: okay, I know this is mostly a piano solo, but I'm gonna tab out a rough version of it for guitar. Note the chords on top; that's what guitar 1 would play; guitar 2 would play the 'solo' (again, the chords in parentheses are played with emphasis on the bass notes)
G (C B Em)E:------------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------------|G:-4h5-4----------4h5-4-------/9--7--\4-----|D:-------5-4-5-----------5-4----------------|A:------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------|
G (C B Em)E:------------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------------|G:-4h5-4----------4h5-4-------/9--7--\4-----|D:-------5-4-5-----------5-4----------------|A:------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------|
E C G (B C B) GE:------------------------------------------|B:/8---8p7----------------------------------|G:---------9--7-9-7---/4-/5-4--0------------|D:------------------------------------------|A:------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------|
Em C G (C B Em) Voice goes by G (C B Em) Two birds is what they'll see G (C B Em) Getting lost upon their way Em C G Wind rolls by D C Low...light D C I ... sigh D Em C B Low...light D Em I need the light C B A C B A I'll find my way from wrong, what's real? C B D The dream I see (fade out on D chord)
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