Pearl Jam – Walking The Cow tab

Walking the Cow-Pearl Jam (Daniel Johnstone cover) tabbed by Brauney

1) standard tuning
2) all chords are open chords, no barre chrods needed.
3) Eddie switches up all the fills every time he does it live so the below are just 
from what I have heard live
4) I tried to space the chords with the lyrics but this site wont let me so you will 
have to listen to the song to get the timing.

Riff 1: Intro/verse (play around on this riff):|---------0---------------0-------------------------------------------||------------1--------------1---1-------------------------------------||-----------------------------2---------------------------------------||-----2----------------2----------------------------------------------||-3-3-----------3-0-0-------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 2: during first verse, after the C and Am, this comes:|--------1----------1----------------------------------------------------||----------1----------1--------------------------------------------------||-----2-----------2------back to C and Am--------------------------------||--3-3--------0-0--------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 3 (improvise with this root):|-----1----------1h3p1-------3p1--------------------------------------||-------1--------------1---------1------------------------------------||---2---------2------------2-------2---then strum F and Dm------------||-3--------0-------------3--------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 4|------0h3p0------------0h3p1------------------------------------------||-----------1---------1------1-----------------------------------------||---0--------0---------2------2----------------------------------------||--2-2---------------2-------------------------------------------------||-3-----------------0--------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------------|
C Am Try to remember C A But my feelings can't know for sure F Tryin' to reach out C But it's gone Interlude: Play around on Riff 4 C Am Lucky stars in your eyes Riff 2 I'm walking the cow Riff 1 F I really don't know Am G How I came here F I really don't know Am G Why I'm staying here F Oh, oh, oh, oh Am G I am walking C The cow Riff 4 a few times C Am Try to point my finger C But the wind Am Keeps blowing me around in circles F In circles C Lucky stars Am In your eyes Riff 2 I'm walking the cow F I really don't know Am G What I have to fear F I really don't know A G What I have to care F Oh, oh, oh, oh Am G I am walking C The cow Am Lucky stars C In your eyes
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