Pedro The Lion - Indian Summer chords

Indian Summer
Pedro The Lion
transcribed by: Landon

[Theme: C  Gsus4  FM7   G   |	Am  Gsus4  FM7  G7]

(Theme x 3)

C C/F C/A C/GUltra-violet rays are washing over all the boys and girls
As their moms lay tanning by the pool Oh look their dad's arriving home All the children hug his neck unaware of their inheritance
F E F G CAll of the experts say you ought to start them young
That way they'll naturally love the taste of corporate come
F C F CGod bless the Indian summer, God bless the Indian summer
F G7God bless the Indian summer
(Theme X 1)
Am G F EmDon't you just love the sun?
F G7Doesn't it make you feel good, all over?
C C/F C/A C/GIt's my pleasure to announce, in conjunction with the fed
And my recent popularity Thanks in part to mother nature it will never rain again It should do wonders for the GNP
F E F G CIf you're just joining us now you missed a brilliant speech
We go now live to the streets to find out what the voters think
A# Am He's worked a miracle
I just now bought a brand new car (Chorus) (Theme x 2)
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