Pedro The Lion – Lullaby chords

As an amateur/novice guitar player, when I try to pick and sing at the same
time, I always screw it up, so I decided to figure out how to play one of my
favorite songs with chords, and none of that pesky picking. Although I still
pick out the into/outro.

C AmThe sun shines and leaves blow
F GAnd my hope like autumn is turning brown
C Am F GI know it seems like I'm always falling down
Am FBut it does not matter to me
C G Although it seems like it should
Em Am F GIt's because I know I'm understood when I hear Him say
C GRest in me little David
Am EmAnd dry all your tears
F C You can lay down your armor
F GAnd have no fear
Am FCause I'm always here
C G When you're tired of running
F G CAnd I'm all the strength that you need
Second verse: (same as the first) It's uphill both ways Tomorrow I swear I won't act this way And I know it seems like that is what I always say (Prechorus) (Chorus) Outro: (I like to bar these) C C/B
Am GYou know I want to be like Jesus
Dm FBut it seems so very far away
C Em GWhen will I learn to obey
It may not be 100% spot on, so feel free to comment or make corrections. (This is my first submission, so be gentle.)
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