Pedro The Lion – Priests And Paramedics tab

I noticed the near complete lack of many of the better songs by pedro the lion on this
and so I'm gonna try to do somethign about that.  I've seen tabs for this fantastic song
other sites and their all so wrong it hurts.  I'm not that great at figuring out songs
myself, I'll admit.  And I don't know many of the fancy names for chords, but I should
able to get you to figure out how to play the song, and that's all that matters.  I'm
this as I watch David Bazan play it live on some videos, so they should be pretty much
but if not, I'm sorry.  It's better than 80% of the tabs most people submit, at least.  
the chords I dont know the names of, I'll make a chart and give each shape a number.
I'll just put the number in place of the chord name where it goes in the song.
be too dificult

chord#  1    2

e ----1-----1----|b ----3-----3----|g ----2-----2----|d ----3-----0----|a ----0-----3----|e ----x-----x----|
Standard Tuning; Capo on 3rd fret. Verse 1: C Am Paramedics brave and strong 1 2 G Up before the break of dawn C Am Putting poker faces on 1 2 G Broken bodies all day long F Am The neighbors heard the fight F Am Someone had a knife F C Am-----Em It must have been the wiiiiiife Am C F Husband's lost a lot of blood 1 2 G He wakes up screaming oh my god Chorus..sorta... C Am Am I gonna die, am I gonna die? 1 2 G As they strapped his arms down to the sides C Am Times like these they've been taught to lie 1 2 G Buddy just calm down you'll be alright Verse 2 C Am Several friends came to his grave 1 2 G His children were so well behaved C Am As the priest got up to speak 1 2 G The assembly craved relief C Am But he himself had given up 1 2 G So instead he offered them this bitter cup Second Chorus kinda thingy C You're gonna die Am We're all gonna die 1 2 Could be twenty years G Could be tonight C Am Lately I have been wondering why 1 C We go to so much trouble 1 Am To postpone the unavoidable 1 2 G And prolong the pain of being alive There you go. I'm almost 100% sure these are the chords David plays when he plays it I froze the video and put my fingers where his were and it sounds the same. So after you those 2 chords i don't know the names are, you have yourself a correct version of and Paramedics to play on your acoustic whenever you please = ) tabbed by Steven Humphreys. No copyrights. Use it however you want. I dont honestly cause youll do it anyway, might as well give you permission.
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