Peggy Lee – Where Can I Go Without You chords

D B7 G6 A7I went to london town to clear up my mind
D7M Bm G GdimThen on to Paris for the fun I could find
D7M D7 G Cdim Gm7I found I couldn't leave my memories behind
D7M Bm7 Em7 A7Where can I go without you?
D B7 G6 A7Tried seeing Singapore, but that wouldn't do
D7M Bm G GdimWent to Vienna, but I found you there, too
D7m D7 G Cdim Gm7Even in Switzerland, your memory came through
D7M A7/13 A7 A7/13 DWhere can I go without you?
D7 Am7 D7 G G7/13- G6 G5I wanted to travel, I wanted romance
D7 Am7 D9 D7/9 G C#m5-/7I chased that rainbow across the sea
F#7 D7 G Cdim GI'm tired of faces, and quaint old places
A Em7 Cdim A7If you can't be there with me
D B7 G6 A7Back on the boat again, and farewell to France
D7M Bm G GdimFarewell to London town they haven't a chance
D7M D7 G Cdim Gm7I'll trade the sights I've seen for just one loving glance
D7M A7/13 A7 A7/13 DWhere can I go without you
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