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Pennywise – Brown Eyed Girl tab

Brown Eyed Girl - Pennywise

This is my first tab so I hope that its ok, email me 

Introe|--------------8-10-12-10-8------------------------|B|-8-10-12-10-8--------------8-10-12-10-8-----------|G|-----------------------------------------11-12-14-|D|--------------------------------------------------| Play X2A|--------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
Verse (Play Each Chord X8)e|---------------|B|---------------|G|---------------|D|----5-----7----| Play X4A|-5--3--5--5----|E|-3-----3-------|
Chorus (The part that goes 5-7-5-4-2 on the D string can beplayed as power chords or just the single notes, I prefer the power chords because it makes a little fatter sound)e|---------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------7--9--7--6--4-----------------------|D|-55555555--77777777--5--7--5--4--2--4--55555555-77777777-|A|-33333333--55555555-----------------2--33333333-55555555-|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
Verse Chorus (At the end of the chorus this time play the last chord for I think 2 bars then play the verse riff X2 and let the last chord ring) I think there's a bass solo in there it might be guitar but Im not sure. So I didn't tab it. Verse Chorus (Play it like you did the second time but play the verse riff X4)
Outro [Add in the D Power Chord (5th fret A string) only after you play the first part X3]e|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|-77777--666---------------| I think they play it around D|-55555--444--77777777-----| X6 but it doesn't really A|-------------55555555-----| matter.E|--------------------------|
Whole Outline Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus v.2 Verse Chorus v.2 Outro The rhythm is pretty simple to get after you hear the song so just practice it for a bit and you'll get it.
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