Springtime Promises chords with lyrics by Pentangle - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Pentangle – Springtime Promises chords

			     Springtime Promises - Pentangle

Tuning:Riff1 :|------------------------||---0-1-0-1-3--3-1-0-1-0-||------------------------||---0-2-0-2-3--3-2-0-2-0-||------------------------||-3----------------------|
Riff2 : |: Dm D4 D5 D4 :| Riff 1 Summertime is with us once again Flowers blooming everywhere again
Bb C Dm And the cold days of winter
C DmAre behind us now
F C/EAnd the spring time
DmPromises all come true
Trees and grass and bushes green again The sky so blue I don't remember when The cold days of winter took the sun away But the springtime promises all came true
AIt's summertime now
G CSo please don't throw it away
Riff1 Riff2 Winterworld is with us once again Flowers dying everywhere again
G CAnd the warm days of summer
DmSeem so far behind
F C/EAnd the springtime
DmPromises soon forgot
Riff1 Cassander she's with us Down the trees of air Dark and cloudy skies And people in despair
G CAnd the warm days of summer
DmSeem so far away
F C/EAnd the springtime
DmPromises still forgot
BbIt's wintertime
C DmSo you've got to wait a while
F C/EFor the spring time
DmPromises to come true
Now the new born year Has come once more Gentle shalls and winkles as before
Bb CIt's the time when
DmAll promises are now made true
F C/E DmAnd the springtime sun returns anew
Someday all will turn to green again Flowers will burst of seeds to bloom again The warm days of springtime Tell us all is past Can you feel your promises will be true
A CIt's springtime now
Be happy again Riff 1
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