Davey Jones Locker tab with lyrics by Pepper - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Pepper – Davey Jones Locker tab

Davey Jones Locker- Pepper
Tabbed by Anthony Leonardo
Tuning: Standard

I dont know how right this is but it sounds so close, i was just jammin to freeze then
song came on and i started playing it and it sounds. I only got the verse and the Chorus
didnt get the weird part after the chorus because im playing on my acoustic so its hard 
make that sound on an acoustic.


e--5--------7-----------|b--5--------7-----------|g-----------------------| Repeat as needed (play each 8 times)d-----------------------|a-----------------------|e-----------------------|
e--5--7--------|b--5--7--------|g--6--8--------| Repeat as neededd--7--9--------|a--7--9--------|e--5--7--------|
The part after the chorus might be this but im not 100% sure, so help me out
Email me for corrections idrathersurf119@aim.com (help me out with the part after the im pretty sure what i tabbed out for it is not correct but idk it might be right im just playing it with the weird effects he has on for it so im not sure if its right it isnt, but the verse and chorus are almost 100% right i think. enjoy
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