Pepper – It Was You tab

                                          It Was You - Pepper

Tabbed by: jahbrudda

Tuning: Standard

So this one is brand new off of Peppers new self-titled album “pepper”. 
So far the album has gotten mixed reviews… But people need to take a 
minute and actually listen to all the songs and you’ll find them to be still 
reggae based and still very melodic which is what has been so synonymous with
Pepper’s sound over the years! Plus this song is just perfect!! 
Just enjoy the music☺


Verse/ Chorus (Kaleo does mostly Ska type upstrokes, but throws in some slides and downstrokes for extra flare its all preference when playing)
F#m Bm D Ae|--9--2--7--5------|B|-10--3--7--5------|G|-11--4--7--6------|D|--------7--7------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
Fill from Chorus to Verse
Bm E e|--7---7-------|B|--7---9-------|G|--7---9-------|D|--9---9-------|A|--9---7-------|E|--7-----------|
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