Perkele - Hope And Victory chords

the intro to this song is played with the same chords as the verse. 

intro: Am-Dm-C-E   (lift you 4th finger while playing the Dm) 
chorus: D-A-E-G-A 

Am DmWe can't stand here and stare hen they take our land away
C E And put it into a union, not for you and me
Am DmWhere is it going to end, maybe in a civil war
C E We must stand in the frontlines for hope and victory
Chorus (2x):
D A They try to take our pride away
E G AIt's worth fighting for - Fighting for victory
... We will win
Am Dm With our hearts full of fire and our hearts full of rage
C E We will fight for our honour and the workers rights
Am Dm Rights to our speech, rights to our lives
C E In the country where I live, in the country that I love
Chorus (2x) ... We will win
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