Better Than You chords with lyrics by Petal - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Petal – Better Than You chords

Intro: A G F#m G x2

Verse 1:
AYou stay out so late
Just to build connection
GThey say Hey man you were
F#mgreat But they don’t even
have the slightest affection
DThat you’re really not doing
E Dokay And maybe tonight you
Dmcould barely even play
Interlude: A G F#m G A G F#m Verse 2:
DThe show it must go
F#m Don and if they don’t
F#m Deven come The colors
F#mand the callous turn
Dyou into a strange
Eand silent one.
C#m DAnd maybe if you were
A Dharsh? Maybe if you
F#mweren’t you people
Dwould seem to care
A Dabout what it is you
A Deven do? Maybe if you
F#mtried harder to seem
D Elike you didn’t love
Dit but you do But they’re
Dmbetter than you.
Interlude: A G F#m G A G F#m Verse 3:
D EDon’t give into fodder
D EAnd don’t pander a smile
D EAnd give yourself a second
D EAnd give yourself a while
Verse 4:
DBut believe all that you
F#m Dhear And assume that
F#mthey’re all watching And
Dforce some words out of
F#m Dyour mouth While all
Etheir eyes are watching
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: A G F#m G x2 A(hold)
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