Carve chords with lyrics by Petal - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Petal – Carve chords

Verse 1:
AmIt’s as if you
cracked my skull
E Fopen Peeked inside
Cwhile I was sleeping
AmAnd I’m thinking what
E F Fmbusiness do you have?
Verse 2:
AmAnd I wish I could
Cunsee your kindness
FEvery upward turn
Cof your mouth But
FI cannot so I’ll
E Ambury it in sound
FIn grace in
Fm C Cerasing myself
Chorus 1:
AmI would live in
G/B Cthe deepest cave
Am G/BAnd draw upon the
C Amwalls Ignore the
G/B Csticks and stones
AmTo ignite some
G/B Ckind of fire
Verse 3:
AmAnd God will they
Elove me if I am
F Fmhonest?
Chorus 2:
AmI would starve until
G Cevery bone would
Fshow Just to feel
Ca little lighter
Am EAnd still avoid
F Fmthe truth
CYou carved your
E Fname in me And
FmI wish I never
C(hold)knew you
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