Feel chords with lyrics by Petal - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Petal – Feel chords

Intro: C x4

Verse 1:
CI'll leave the
Flight on for you
You never know
Cwhy you're here
FTo haunt me
or hurt me
CWho knows?
Chorus 1:
BbI know I'll
leave the door
Am G/B C Am G/B Cwide open and feel
Verse 2:
FThe creature at
Cthe foot of my bed
FYour head on the
Cnape of my neck
FThe sleep I know
Chorus 2:
BbI'll never get
Am A bulb A thought
Bb AmA home you're not
F Cyou're not
Verse 3:
FTake the love
Cthat you made
FBury it
Csomewhere safe
Chorus 3:
BbWho will
AmI'll know
BbWho will
AmI'll know
BbWho will
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