Pete Doherty - Lady Dont Fall Backwards tab

Peter (Pete) Doherty
“Lady Don’t You Fall Backwards”

Once upon a time...

When the cold wind that blows

When the cold wind that

 Fm               Bb
blows in my heart was a 
[Bb]              Cm
summer breeze, and she would meet me in
 Fm               Bb
Chinatown for opium and tea
[Bb]              Cm
And she always brought me flowers


             Bb                                    A
...see your eyes look like two marbles in your head

D                      B
Lady don’t you fall backwards
Em                     A
Come on and fall into my arms


Em           A            D
Come on and fall into my arms

*Couldn’t figure out the very first chord, closest I got was E9.
Also he switches up the chord progression a little towards the end;
I didn’t tab out the switch cuz I couldn’t figure out one of the chords –
if you figure out either of those spots please let me know.
Other than that it sounds identical to the CD version, unlike
the only other tab I could find for this song.  Enjoy!*

	       (E9)	   C	     Fm	    Bb	    Cm	    A	     D	     B	     Em
e:	     4	     3	     1	     1	     1	     5	     5	     7	     7
B:	     4	     5	     1	     3	     4	     5	     7	     7	     8
G:	     4	     5	     1	     3	     5	     6	     7	     8	     9
D:	     2	     5	     3	     3	     5	     7	     7	     9	     9
A:	     2	     3	     3	     1	     3	     7	     5	     9	     7
E:	     x	     3	     1	     1	     3	     5	     5	     7	     7
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