Peter And Kerry - One Thing chords

Artist: Peter And Kerry
Chords transcribed from live video

Capo 5

  0    2     3
  6    2     0
  7    4     0
  0    0     x
  x    x     3

GMaj7 Bm DMaj7 GMaj7 x2

GMaj7 BmOh, I'm trying to let it go
AsusI'm trying to keep my eyes closed
GMaj7I'm trying to keep it like it was before
In times we never even thought to speak
GMaj7 BmI don't wanna tell you what it is
AsusBut it felt so serious
GMaj7It's got me thinking just too much
I wanna it set it off, but (chorus)
GMaj7It's this one thing thats got me trippin
BmIt's this one thing that got me trippin
DMaj7You did this one thing and I was so with it
GMaj7Its this one thing, oh, oh, oh
GMaj7It's this one thing that caught me slippin
BmIt's this one thing don't want to admit it
DMaj7You did this one thing and I was so with it
GMaj7It's this one thing you did whoa oh, whoa oh, oh
GMaj7 Bm DMaj7 GMaj7 Ahh ah, ah
(verse) And we dont know each other well Why do you keep hitting up my cell Memories just keep ringing bells Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Hear voices I don't wanna understand My car keys are jingling in my hand My high heels, they're clicking towards your door Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (chorus) (intro)
GMaj7 Bm Ahh ah, ah
DMaj7 GMaj7 Ahh ah, ah
The melody with the Intro, played on Toy Piano: GMaj7 Bm DMaj7 GMaj71|------|---------|----|----|------|--------|----|----|2|------|---------|----|----|------|--------|----|----|3|-2----|---------|----|----|-2----|--------|-4--|----|4|---4--|----2--4-|----|----|---4--|---2--4-|----|----|5|------|---------|-2--|----|------|--------|----|----|6|------|---------|----|----|------|--------|----|----|
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