Peter Cetera – After All chords ver. 2

Peter Cetera
Verse I:
AWell, here we are again
EI guess it must be fate.
C#m BWe've tried it on our own,
ABut deep inside we've known
BWe'd be back to set things straight
E AI still remember when
C#mYour kiss was so brand new
F#m EEvery memory repeats,
A EEvery step I take retreats,
A Every journey always brings me back
Bto you.
E After All the stops and starts,
C#m We keep coming back to these two hearts
F#m G# A Two angels who've been rescued
B A Bfrom the fall.
E After All that we've been through,
G#m C#m It all comes down to me and you
F#m I guess it's meant to be,
B EForever you and me, After All
Verse II:
AWhen love is truly right (This time it's truly right.)
EIt lives from year to year.
C#m BIt changes as it grows,
AOh, and on the way it grows,
B A BBut it never disappears,
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
A Always just beyond my touch,
A You know I need you so much
G# C#m A-BAfter All, what else is livin' for?
(Repeat Chorus)
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