Peter Cetera – After All chords

since this is my first tab, i'm open for some corrections in it.
i just love the song so much.

AFTER ALL - Peter Cetera

Intro: E A E-Esus-E|--------------------------------||------12-12--11--12----9~-------||--/9----------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------|
Verse I:
AWell, here we are again
EI guess it must be fate.
BWe've tried it on our own,
ABut deep inside we've known
B7 Bsus B7We'd be back to set things straight
E7 AI still remember when
C#mYour kiss was so brand new
D A Every memory repeats,
D AEvery step I take retreats,
F#m B7 Every journey always brings me back
A B7to you.
E After All the stops and starts,
C#m We keep coming back to these two hearts,
A E Two angels who've been rescued
B7 A B7from the fall.
E After All that we've been through,
G#m7 C#m It all comes down to me and you
F#m I guess it's meant to be,
B7 E Esus EForever you and me, After All
Verse II:
AWhen love is truly right (This time it's truly right.)
EIt lives from year to year.
BIt changes as it grows,
AOh, and on the way it grows,
B7 Bsus B7But it never disappears,
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
A Always just beyond my touch,
BYou know I need you so much
G#m7 C#m A-B After All, what else is livin' for?
(Repeat Chorus)
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