Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac - Closing My Eyes tab

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Closing my Eyes (Then Play On)

Written by Peter Green

The D chord in this song is like this (use your thumb for the bass E):

Intro - C, Am, C, Am Am Now it's the same as before F G Am Am G F And I'm alone again Am With no sorrow for myself F G Am G F And I'm blaming no one else G And closing my eyes G G G D Em And seeing you standing there First solo: C, Am, C, Am Am Now it's the same as before F G Am Am G F You've touched me with your love Am And though you're in my heart F G Am We're still a world apart Am As now I'm back to the time Am Where I would search for a dream G But no use to try anymore as before Am Someday I'll die, and maybe then I'll be with you Second solo: C, Am, C, Am, Am So I'm closing my eyes F G Am To hear the people laugh Am For they're all aglow F G Am G D G Not knowing where to go G But is it asking too much G G D Em When the question is what to do G With the life I'll have G It seems I know nothing now G G D Em Em Except my love for you Em And the strength in my hands Em Em To go on feeding your smile A superb ballad from Peter Green. Let me know if you spot any mistakes!
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