Peter Himmelman - Dixie The Tiny Dog tab

For this song tune your A string up to a B and your D string to an E. Forget about the g
string because it wont be used
It is not exactly what it is in the song because there are two guitars but this is a
good representation of the real thing

starts with this|---0----2-||-------0--||----------||---4------||-----0----||-0--------|
Repeats this for rest of the song
lyrics I came across the lyrics to this song a few years ago & loved it, by chance a few weeks later I actually heard it on the radio for the 1st & only time & it was a fun song! All the more fitting because we have a miniature Dachshund, Josie I'm a tiny dog named Dixie. I have small feet which pitter patter on the linoleum floor. You can hear my toenails in the middle of the night. My tag says I belong to the Johnsons but they don't own me they just feed me, they just bought me one day. And in the middle of the day I sit in the sun and I hear young children call me a weiner-dog perhaps thats what I am - the dramatic term is dachshund and I like that. I'm thin and I'm proud, no one can make fun of me, I can slip through the bars of a prison if I were incarcerated but I don't know what I would do wrong-my body yields no evil inclination. I'm a pure weiner dog. My name is Dixie and I go dancing across the floor inthe evening of the Johnsons when everyone is sleeping, sometimes I look for a morsel of food but they are so clean, they are almost anal retentive in their cleanliness habit and there is nothing for me. But I don't despair because I know tomorrow my gaines burger will be there and they will unwrap the plastic from them and feed me this succulant dish and I will eat and oh I've watched the German shepards with their long necks, their long graceful necks dipping into the toliet to drink whenever they want to have a drink of cool water in that well, but I must plead, I must beg, I must whine for Mr. Johnson to put out my bowl or one of the Johnson boys to refill it after I drink it because I am Dixie the dog and I like water. And in the middle of hte night you can see me dancning a small Fred Astaire tap dance with my little toenails, they go click, click,click against the linoleum and I run down the hall and I slide and the back of me goes in front of me-slowly. I'm long and I'm think I'm Dixie the tiny dog and I like it.
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