Phair Liz – Fuck & Run tab

        Dsus2           Asus2            
        i woke up alarmed
        F#m                   G 
        i didn't know where i was at first, just that
        Dsus2              Asus2
        i woke up in your arms

        F#m                    G
        and almost immedeately i felt sorry...etc
repeat (Dsus2 Asus2 F#m G) until...
        G        Dsus2      G        Dsus2      
        i want a boyfriend, i want a boyfriend
        Dsus2           Asus2
        i want all that stupid old shit
             G           Dsus2    G           Dsus2                     
        like letters and sodas.   letters and sodas
back to verse
       Em            Asus2     
        i can feel it in my bones
        Em                      funkycrd, let it ring
        i'm gonna spend another year alone
        it's fuck and run... (for this part the crds are the same as in 
                                         the verses)
crd forms:
        Dsus2   Asus2   F#m     G         Em    funkycrd        
e-------(0)------(0)----(1)----(3)--------(0)-----2---B-------(3)------(0)----(1)----(3)--------(0)-----3---G--------2--------2---- (1)----(4)--------(0)-----0---D--------0--------2------3------5----------2------0---A--------0--------0------3------5----------2----------E------------------------1------3----------0----------
most of the crds are played on just 3 strings. occasionally other notes are thrown in, so i put the rest of the crd notes in parentheses. easy, eh? you're well on your way to being cool like liz now!!
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