Phantom Planet – Anthem tab

                        ANTHEM - Phantom Planet
Tabbed by: Chris
Email: TheStateOfReft is my SN

Tuning: slightly sharp
h = hammer
p = pull off
. = down stroke
^ = up stroke

Basically, you have four chords that keep getting repeated throughout the
whole song. If you listen to it, you'll figure out the strumming patterns.
I tried to make this as simple as I could, but with 3 guitar parts, 3
different progressions, 5 different arpeggio patterns, and different parts
playing at alternating times, sometimes the same could expect
it to look complicated.

These chord formations sound closest to the song:

E: 022100
B: x24442
C#m: x46654
A: x02220

Intro: E E E B C#m A
Verses: E C#m A B
Chorus: E B C#m A

That's most of it, but in the verses, there are a couple parts where
a second guitar comes in.

Guitar 1 stays with chords, and it plays E E7 A Am E Emaj7(sus4) A B

E7 - 020100
Am - x02210
E(maj)7(sus4) - 020300 - this will be noted as "E(M)7(4)"

It goes:

E E7 A Am E 
I quickly ran back to get my guitar

E(M)7(4) A B
A pen and some paper

and on the second time it does that:

E E7 A
Everyone was singin' along

Am E
The same notes the same song

E(M)7(4) A B
Or maybe I heard it wrong

Guitar 2 does a cool little arpeggio that goes like this:

E E7 A Am E A# A Be|----4----4----2----2----0----0----0-----2----------------------------------|B|---5-5--3-3--2-2--1-1------------------0-----------------------------------|G|-----------------------4-4--3-3--2-2--3------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 comes in on "I quickly ran back to get my guitar / A pen and some paper" and on "Everyone was singing along / The same notes the same song* / Or maybe I heard it wrong"
(*) = A third guitar comes in here, and it plays:e|--4--h5p4--4h5p4--4-h5p4-2-------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Then it goes back to the normal chord progression until after the second chorus. Then the guitar plays an A Chord (...^.) which leads into guitar 3 playing this:
The first guitar is palm muting the rhythm here When "Everyone was singin' along ... " comes in, guitar 3 plays the interlude twice before playing the 4-h5p4 thing; the other two guitars play what they did before. After the lyrics are over, a little riff gets played (I didn't figure that out yet), and after that, this outro is played:
And that's it. Here's the stage progression: Intro Verse 1 Bridge Chorus Verse 2 Bridge Chorus Interlude Bridge Chorus Chorus Outro End on a dragged out E major down stroke It's a really cool song, and if you only have one guitar player, then just play the chords and the guitar 3 part for the interlude. It's not hard to sing and play at the same time for this one.
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