Phantom Planet – Do The Panic chords

Intro (copied from another tab)e|----------------------------------------------|b|----------------------------------------------|g|----------------------------------------------|d|----6---4---2-----6---6---6---4---6---4-------|a|----0---0---0-----2---2---2---2---2---2-------|e|----------------------------------------------|
EGuess we're all in trouble, huh?
C#Black clouds are upon us
A BIt's doomsday on the other side of town.
EThat boy survived a severed head
C#When most would just give up for dead,
A BSo I said: "Al B. don't get so upset."
A BWe all get scared of sticking our own necks
It's expected!
E ACome on come on
B EIt's time to lose control!
E ACome on come on
B E Turn off your radio!
E ACome on come on
B EYou're gonna feel alright!
E ACome on come on
B ELet's do the panic tonight!
and that repeats throughout the song
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