Phatfish – Christ In Me chords

Verse 1:

Gm Bb Jesus, You're the hope I cling to,
Ebmaj7Tower that I run to,
Cm7 Cm6Saviour, ever near.
Gm Bb Radiant, light within my darkness,
Ebmaj7Faithful in my weakness,
Fsus4 FGod who strengthens me.
Cm Gm/Bb Lead me, take me ever deeper,
F/A Bb Show me all the riches
Fsus4 FOf this mystery.
Bb Eb Fsus4 F Gm Eb Fsus4 FChrist in me, my hope and my glory, my certainty.
Bb Eb Fsus4 F Gm Eb Fsus4 FMy heart bows down, surrendered in worship, to my God and King.
Verse 2:
Gm Bb Jesus, You're the holy promise,
Ebmaj7Poured Your blood out for us,
Cm7 Cm6Rose again to life.
Gm Bb/FAll my sins are now forgiven,
Ebmaj7And my life is hidden,
Fsus4 FSaved through Jesus Christ.
Cm Gm/Bb Jesus when I stand in glory,
F/A Bb With Your throne before me,
Fsus4 FI'll be found in You.
Mid section:
Cm GmMy hope is built on nothing less
Cm Bb Than Jesus' blood and righteousness.
Cm GmI dare not trust my feeble frame,
Eb/G F/A FBut wholly lean on Jesus' name.
Coda: Dm Dm2 Cm7+4 Gm7/C C7sus4 Bb6 Gm Fsus4/C F
Eb FMy hope is built on nothing less
Eb/G F/AThan Jesus' blood and righteousness.
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