Going Back chords with lyrics by Phil Collins - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Phil Collins – Going Back chords

              Going back - Phil Collins
 Intro: G G  Am C x2
GI think i'm going back
C EmTo the thing i learned so well in my youth
GI think i'm returning to
C AmAll those days when i was young enough to know the truth
Em7 Am C EmNow there are no games to only pass the time
D Dsus2 C EmNo more electric trains,no more trees to climb
D Dsus2 AmThinking young,and growing older is no sin
C C EmAnd i can play the game of life to win.
GI can recall a time
C AmWhen i wasn't ashamed to reach out to a friend
G AmAnd now i think i've got a lot more than
Emjust my toys to lend
Am Em Am CNow there's more to do,than watch myself go cry
D Dsus2 EmAnd everyday can be, my magic paradise
C AmAnd i can play hide and seek with my fears
C Em7And live my days instead of counting my years
Interlude: GG Am C x6
C Am Em CLet everyone debate, the true reality
Em Am C EmI'd rather see my world, the way it used to be
C Am EmA little bit of courage is all we lack
C C GSo catch me if you can 'cause i'm going back
G G Am c I'm going back Not just sitting, walking away Yes i'm going back G C G C
G CGoing back to my youth,i'm going back,i,m going back,going back to my youth
Come on catch me 'cause im going back I'm going back. Thats it, the final part you can either play the intro/interlude riff to fade or repeat G then C with the beat, hope you like.
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