Phil Collins – For A Friend chords

Intro: C  G/C  Fadd9/C  F/C x4

C G/C Fadd9/C F/CWhen I saw him last he had that look in his eyes
C G/C Fadd9/C F/CI said, "Do you need to talk?", he said, "No."
C G/C Fadd9/C F/CSo I called him up, asked him again and I waited a while
C G/C Fadd9/C F/Che began to speak, then he started to cry
Am G F You know some things are best left unspoken
Am G F and some things just never work out
C G/C Fadd9/C F/CSometimes, seems you try and you try and whatever you do
C G/C Fadd9/C F/CThere's a fix that you're in, and you just can't get out
Am F Am G Am G F He said, "I need your help, I need it now
Am F Am G CGive me the strength to go on"
Though I didn't know what I knew that something was wrong He still had his pride, he'd tell me in time Well this feeling inside kept eating at me I was losing a friend, and I had to know why When I heard the voice on the phone, I knew it was bad news So I rushed to be by his side And we said goodbye for the last time I gently hugged him, and kissed him goodbye He whispered, "I need your help, I need it now. Give me the strength to go on."
F/C Cadd9We were always laughing, I just remember laughing, mama
FWe were always laughing
Oh I need your help, I need it now Give me the strength to go on Db Ab/Db F#add9/Db F#/Db x2
Db Ab/Db F#add9/Db F#/DbThough as time goes by, and it all becomes clear
Db Ab/Db F#add9/Db F#/DbWe can see the deceit, we see the lies
Db Ab/Db F#add9/Db F#/DbSo I asked myself, over and over, and over again
Db Ab/Db F#add9/Db F#/DbWhat did they know? What did they hide?
Bbm Ab F#Fools, leading the innocent blindly
Bbm Ab F#Fools, turning away
And I know that when I think of my friend with that look in his eyes And if they told the truth, he might be here today
Bbm F# Bbm Ab Bbm Ab F#I need your help, I need it now
Bbm F# Bbm Ab DbJust give me the strength to go on
Bbm Ab F#add9I remember the laughing, We were always laughing
Db Ab/Db F#add9/Db F#/DbOh no, it's just strength we need now
Just the strength to go on...
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