I Belong To You chords with lyrics by Phil Keaggy - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Phil Keaggy – I Belong To You chords

Artist: Phil Keaggy
Song: I Belong to You
Album: Ph'lip Side
Released: August 1980

Tuning: Drop Eb tuning 

G Bm7 C Am7 D

G Bm7 C Am7 DI belong to you, and you're coming into view,
G Bm7My heart revived when you arrived
C Am7 DTo make it all come true.
Dm7#5 Am7 Em7#5 Bm7With each drop of rain and like the morning dew,
Dm7 Am7 Dsus4 DLike the wind I whisper your sweet name,
Cmaj7 Am7 GOh I belong to you.
Bm7 C Am7 D
G Bm7 C Am7 DI cannot be sad when I think of times we've had.
G Bm7My memory brings near to me
C Am7 DYour voice and I am glad.
Dm7#5 Am7 Em7#5 Bm7All the world's on stage waiting for their cues,
Dm7 Am7 Dsus4 DAll my lines you're free to rearrange,
Cmaj7 Am7 GCause I belong to you.
Bm7 C G**
F#sus4 B7 F#m B7 EmHolding your hand I will go where you may lead,
Am7You've got the right to speak
D D/F# G**Your words of love to me.
F#sus4 B7 F#m B7And I understand that you've
EmNever done me wrong.
Am7 Dsus4 D D**I'm right where I belong here with you.
Cmaj7 Am7Oh......
G Bm7 C Am7 DI belong to you, and I love the things you do
G Bm7The things you say in every way,
C Am7 DYour tenderness comes through.
Dm7#5 Am7 Em7#5 Bm7When my work is done and my life's in review,
Dm7 Am7 Dsus4 D D**Oh to hear these words spoken to me,
Cmaj7 Am7 G Bm7Child I belong to you.
Cmaj7 Am7 G Bm7I belong to you.
Cmaj7 Am7 G Bm7I belong to you.
ENDING GUITAR LICK Cmaj7 Am7 Ge:-0-2-3-5-5-7-8-10-10-|B:------------------12-|
G**: Add a little guitar lick with the G chorde:-------------|B:-0-1-0-------|G:-------2-0---|D:-0-2-0-------|A:-------3-2-0-|E:-------------|
D**: hold the D chord through out, except your pinky & middle fingers will do some worke:-2-3p2~~0h2~|B:-3~~~~3~3~~~|G:-2~~~~~2~~~~|
======================= CHORDS Dm7#5 X3333X Em7#5 X5555X Dsus4 XX0233
F#sus4 244422D/F# 2XX232 (use thumb to fret E string)
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