Phil Roy – Its Alright chords

                         It's Alright

                         By  Phil Roy

                      Interpreted by Dewis

Tuning: Standard

Intro: Dm(Hammer on F)  A7/Bb F C\G x2

Dm Bbsus2Forget what you don't have
FForget that you don't
C\GJust forget it
Dm Bbsus2Forget that you're afraid
FForget that you are
C\GDon't panic
Dm Bbsus2Forget that you're alone
FEveryone's alone
C\GThink about it
Dm-Bbsus2-FIt's alright
C\GAnd when it ain’t easy
Dm-Bbsus2-FIt’s just life
C\GDon’t worry
Dm-Bbsus2-FIt's alright
C\GWe're all in the dark
Dm Bbsus2 FLooking for the light, the light, the light
CDon’t worry
Forget that you can't love Forget that you can't Just forget it Forget the reasons why Forget the reasons Can you do that Forget that you are lost Everyone gets lost in the journey Chorus
Am F Gm7Stop take a look around you
Am F Gm7Just stop maybe it'd be better
If you calm down, calm down, calm down
Dm-Bbsus2-FIt's alright
Chorus out
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