Phil Wickham – Spirit Fall chords

This is my very first Tab. I hope you enjoy. God Bless you!

(Verse 1)
C G Lord, We're humbled in your sight
D G D CShining from above, How we need your light
G Guide us in your Grace
DGuide us Home
C GLord, Be all that we could see
DWe ask for you to come
G D CWe are on our knees
G DSave us by your Grace, Lead us Home
C G D/F#Spirit Fall, hear the voices of
Em C G DYour Children call out to you
Em C G DWe bow down, heal the broken heart
Em C G D/F#Have mercy on us now
(Verse 2)
C GLove is Pouring from your heart
DHope is in your hands
G D CLife is in your arms
GHere in your embrace
D/F#We are Home
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