Phish - Horn tab

From: VETTERS@VAX1.ELON.EDU (Steve Vetter  )
Date: 11 Jun 1995 18:44:26 GMT
Subject: TAB: Horn - Phish

Horn - Phish
Tabbed by Steve Vetter []
additions/improvements welcome

Main riff:

E E---------------------7-7-----------------------------9-9--------------------5--------9-9----------------5-7---7-5----9-9----------5-\-7--------------7-7--------------------------0-------------
Whine? Whine? Car horn Now that you've deceived me and play my name around and hung those nasty flyers on all the buildings in the town Dribbled my possesions in a ring around the earth and Bought and sold my self control for less than it was worth now the reason that i'm feeling so forlorn I'll pick you up at eight as usual listen for my horn Whine? Whine? Car horn /-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\
I Steve Vetter I "I'm not the same I \ I As I was long ago, / I I I've learned some new things I / Elon College I And I hope that it shows..." \ I Alpha Kappa Psi I -Neil Young (Homefires) I \-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/
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