Phish – Prince Caspian tab

Alright I realized that the tabs here are close, but not quite there - so here's the 

Standard tuning. Use on a clean channel that's a little bit dirty. You only need a
bit of distortion for this one.

For the intro, all it is is Trey just picking a little melody inside the G major chord:


After the mellow little intro there, it breaks into the main riff (listen to the song tothe rhythym just right): G G6sus4(I think thats the name)e:-3-33-3--333-|b:-0-00-0--111-|g:-0-00-0--000-|d:-0-00-0--222-|a:-2-22-2------|E:-3-33-3--333-|
Play this over the verse part: "Oh, to be Prince Caspian,afloat upon the waves..." Then it goes into this part: C G A G With nothing to return to but the demons in their caves Then back into the main riff until this part: C G A G And the children in the fields all sowing seed and chaffing wheat C G A G Oh, to be Prince Caspian with stumps instead of feet Then back into the main riff, but really slamming now. It eventually slows down and gets during this Trey does the same thing as in the intro where he keeps his fingers in the major position and just pick stuff out of that chord. The song gets quieter and quieter it breaks into this loud, fast riff:
A# A Ge:-------------|b:-------------|g:-8\7--5-5-55-|d:-8\7--5-5-55-|a:-6\5--3-3-33-|
It does this for a bit as the song fades out. Hope you enjoy! E:
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