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Phish – Axilla tab

			     Axilla II - Phish

Tabbed By : Pauly S

Intro part:||---------6--6----6-6-----6-6------------------||||.--------6--6----6-6-----6-6---6--6----8-----.||||---8-^--------8^------8^-------6--6----8------||||.------------------------------6--6----8-----.||||----------------------------------------------||||----------------------------------------------||
^ means the note is bent up a half step. This part is like the beginning of johnny b. goode.
Verse part: ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~||----------------------------------|----------------------------||||----------------------------------|----------------------------||||----------6-----------------------|----------6-----------------||||-----8-------8---6--8-------6-----|-----8-------8----6--8------||||---8---8-------8---------8--------|---8----8-------8-----------||||-6---------------------9--------9-|-6----------------------9---||
~ means to add some vibrato by bending the string slightly. ARRANGEMENT: intro 4X verse 4X G7, F#7 intro 4X verse 2X G7, F#7 wait on F chord for 8 "Axilla" 's. Page's solo--play intro 8X (there are a few variations on this, but I'm too lazy to put them here.) Break: Eb Bb Ab Bb 4X last time go to F instead of Bb and wait for 6 axilla's. intro 4X "axilla" 8X (F chord) intro 4X The songs ends up on a Bb, then goes into that weird part at the end. The chords are G7 and F#7, picked instead of strummed. You're on your own for that spooky guitar overdub. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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