Phish – Lifeboy tab

Lifeboy by Phish


S----------------|--------------| |-1--1--1--1|6-----5--------3|-1-----3-----1| |-----------|---5-----5---0--|---0-----0----| |-----------|-----7-----5----|-----3-----3--| |3--3--3--3-|----------------|--------------| |-----------|----------------|--------------| 3x |-----------|
Verse: F G C F F Swinging on a life line, fraying bits of twine F G C F C/E Entangled in the remnants of the knot I left behind Dm G C F C/E Dm Bb And asking you to help me make it finally unwind Bb G/B Chorus: C Bb F But God never listens Bb G C To what I say Repeat this, the second time going to an Am instead of C on the word "say" ...Am Bb Am Bb C So very, so very hard G F (cut to intro first time) And you don't get a refund if you overpray PLAY UP TO HERE 2x The chords for the break are these: C G7 (2x) C G7 C F (2x) C C11 F Fm (2x) Stranded... C F C F C G F F C/E Dm C Chorus 2x Intro 10x
Outro: C|------------0---||-1---1------1---||------------0---||3---2---0---2---||------------3---||----------------|
Chords Used:
F G C C/E Dm Bb G/B Am G7 C11 Fm|-1---3----3---0----3---0---1----5---1----6---0---0---1----3---1---1--||-1---0----3---1----5---1---3----6---3----6---3---1---0----3---3---1--||-2---0-or-4---0-or-5---0---2-or-7---3-or-7---0---2---0-or-4---3---1--||-3---0----5---2----5---2---0----7---3----8---0---2---0----3---0---3--||-3---2----5---3----3---3--------5---1----8---2---0---2----5---3---3--||-1---3----3------------0-----------------6-----------3----3-------1--|
I looked all over for a completely accurate tab of this amazing song, and just couldnt a perfect one, so I took chunks of other tabs i found, added some stuff and took some put some direction in and this is what I got. Enjoy, and please rate. -Adam R (p.s. this should fit nicely onto microsoft word on two pages separated at a convenient in the tab, so copy and paste for convenience)
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