Phish – Heavy Things tab

Heavy Things
by Trey Anastasio and Tom Marshall
Intro: Just a C to a G (320010).  Listen to the song for the rhythm.

C                  G    
Things are falling down on me
C               G            C G   Am7  G
Heavy things i could not see
C              G 
When i finally came around
C                     G          C G Am7 G	
Something small would pin me down
     F                   G
So I try, to step inside.
                                   C G
I move to where they hoped id be.

F                       C  
Vanessa calls me on the phone
F                   C  
Reminding me im not alone
F                        C    
i fuss and quake and cavitate
i try and speak by turn to stone

Here's the fill that trey does when he does the F -> C part and then ends on 
the G.  When he hits the G, he does this fill over the G

E----3---5---6---7---B--------------------G--4--/5--/6--/7-----D--------------------A--------------------E--------------------Same Chords for the rest of the versi and chorusi
Telly reaches in my vest to do the thing that she does best she probes and tears my ventricles steals my one remaining breath. CH: Stumbling as we fall from grace she needs my vision to replace her ailing sight throughout the night leaving two holes in my face mary was a friend i'd say 'till one summer day she borrowed everything i own and simply ran away. CH: Jam:
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