Phish - Fluffhead tab

Fluffhead – Phish – Tablature cob97lobo

This is the strict basis for the Fluff chords and picking patterns. Often times I don’t
keep quite so rigid (i.e. change the picking pattern a bit) but the way you play it is
up to you! With tabs I can’t convey note timing but the way I like to play it has the 
chords pretty much 8th notes and the picking pretty much 16th notes. Good luck!  :)


P.S. Listen to the song for timing (duh).

“Notation Guide” *Notes mean they’re optional and sometimes I hit them purposefully.

When you come to G and F, strum a few times (listen to the song for timing) then repeat the whole thing a little faster. I like to end on a C. Oh, and when playing the F chord I sometimes like to hit the first string third fret with my pinky.
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