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Pianos Become The Teeth – Blue chords

C#m Would you believe it?
C#m B#I'm a family man now
B# C#mAnd here's your boy's boy
C#m B#All blue eyed and stubborn, I wonder
C#mWhere's he get it all from?
C#mThis sandy honey hair?
C#m B#This hell of a temper?
C#mI never knew mine
C#mHe'll never know his
C#m B# EBut it's so good to see you again
ASo haunt a little more
A A E A EBeen so long since you've been here with us
A E Would you believe it?
A EFamily man now
EIt's about time
A G#mHis first years, his first snow, it's perfect
F#m EYeah it's beautiful when he talks to you
A G#mHe's sleeping in your room, go meet him
F#m EKeep him warm tonight
A E A ESo haunt a little more
A E A E ASo long, it's time to put you to bed
E A EHaunt, take out your teeth
A E A E A ESo long, just put the worry away
A E A E Laugh and let go
A E A E It's time for you to rest
A E x3 [Outro]
A E We're alive but tired
A EWe all agree he's got your eyes
A E After all this time
A EWe all agree he's got your eyes
A E In a certain light
A EWe all agree he's got your eyes
A E And I could die
A ETo see him sitting by your side
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