Picture Me Broken – Forevermore chords

Standard tuning, capo on 2nd fret (works without)

Am   F   C   G

Am F All I feel is everything
C GI can’t invent the words to tell you
Am FI never cared for anything
C GBut if you left I’d never let you
Am FI’d hold your heart inside a death grip
C GTill my fingertips turned bloody black and blue
AmThe rest of this heart lies
F in your darkened eyes, awake
C GI’ll never lie, never leave, so I can always say
Am FYou wont be alone again as long as I’m awake
C GSo never lie, never leave, forevermore with me
Am F C G
Am FThis became a part of me,
C GYour blood is in my veins, once incomplete
Am FPromise to have faith in me,
C GRetrace your steps you’ll always find me
Am FI found you one foot out the window pane
C GI’m never too far out of reach, escape
FI’ll follow your
CEvery word until
GMy eyes can’t see
AmTill my lungs can’t breathe
F C GTill my heart wont beat anymore
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