Pierce The Veil - She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty tab version 1

The other tabs on this suck but uh here are the ACTUAL chords that are used:
(The high E string notes i put in parenthesis are there because they aren't emphasized 
the chords and are softly played.)

            (Beginning half of the song)

|-(4)-(4)-(4)-----(5)-(5)-(5)-| |--4---5---4-------5---7---5--| |--4---4---4-------5---5---5--| |--6---6---6-------7---7---7--| |--7---7---7-------0---0---0--| |--0---0---0-------0---0---0--|
(The "I'm such and animal" part)
|--0---0---0---0--(5)----------| |--7---5---7---5---5-----------|
|--8---6---8---6---5-(let ring)| |--9---7---9---7---7-----------| |--9---7---9---7---0-----------| |--0---0---0---0---0-----------|
(Rest of the Song) |-(4)-(4)-(4)-----(5)-(5)-(5)---(4)-| |--4---5---4-------5---7---5-----5--| |--4---4---4-------5---5---5-----4--| |--6---6---6-------7---7---7-----6--| |--7---7---7-------0---0---0-----7--| |--0---0---0-------0---0---0-----0--|
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