Im Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket Acoustic tab with lyrics by Pierce The Veil - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Pierce The Veil – Im Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket Acoustic tab

Finally figured the chords out! There are a few little inconsistent things that Vic 
does, but I'll give you a basis and you'll figure it out from there. :)

And please don't kill me over this, but I'm not going to bother much with the strumming 
patterns, but I'll throw in a little commentary to try and help. :)

Tuning: Drop C#


|-0----0-----0--0--0----||-0----0-----0--0--0----||-7----6----11--6--4----| x2|-0----0-----0--0--0----||-9----7----12--7--5----||-9----7----12--7--5----|
He does the whole "palm-mute/strum" thing on the verse. It's pretty easy to figure out the pattern, so just listen to it. :) Then at the end he strums the last two chords, then mutes all the strings to go into the chorus. Chorus:
He switches chords here a little off, but you'll get it no problem if you just listen. :)
|--------------||--------------||-2-----0------||-2-----0------| (he might move the 5-4-0-0 up to a 5-5-0-0 really quick)|-5-----4------||-5-----5------|
He sings "go in style" right here. He strums these the same as the intro. The chorus is what I meant about the "little inconsistencies".. The chords are basically like what I have here, BUT he randomly won't strum the whole chord sometimes, or he'll mute the open notes or things like that. I put the "x"s in those chords up there, because he mutes those sometimes, but again, if you just listen.. You will get it pretty easily. :) If none of this is making any sense, just play these chords how you feel is best. After the chorus, he does the intro one time. Then the next verse comes. Verse 2: The first half, he just strums each chord once and them plays a beat on the guitar. The second half with the palm muting is like this:
Palm mute the first three, then just strum the last one.
Then he mutes the last chord and sings "anyone" then goes into the next part. (Chorus) And when he says "It'll be alright" at the end of the second chorus, he plays this chord..
Next is the bridge! :D He just strums these same four chords a couple different ways, so I'm just going to give you the chords. Except for one little thing! The first time he does the first chord, I believe he only strums the three low strings. Bridge:
And now, the last chorus... It's the same chords, he just strums them a little differently in the second half, but you'll figure it out easily. :) So, it's the chorus chords, then finish it off by strumming that "It'll be alright" chord... Then the last chord he does is just a D (well, technically a C# because we're tuned lower) :)
All done! Just one last thing I would like to point out... Whenever you see these 2 chords:
You could just use this one for both of them:
It just really didn't look like his fingers were doing that, but you can do whatever you feel is best. :) Thanks! I hope all this made sense, and I hope it's accurate enough for you guys. Ask any question you want, rate, comment, whatever! <3
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